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How does the WaterFinder™ system work?

With the help of a highly efficient and specifically designed refrigeration system, the unit extracts moisture from the air and condenses it into water. Some units - specifically those designed for desert conditions - concentrate the air’s moisture first and then extract it.

What is the life span of an WaterFinder™ unit?

If the unit is used as designed, and proper maintenance procedures are employed, then the unit will operate well for one to two decades.

How will WaterFinder™ operate in areas with little or no humidity?
Low humidity is a challenge for any system that extracts moisture from air. However, WaterFinder™ units can be specifically designed for such conditions to ensure satisfactory water production. Even with high temperatures and low humidity, the air’s moisture content is nevertheless sufficiently high for even conventional WaterFinder™ systems to operate well.

How much does WaterFinder™ cost to operate?

The WaterFinder™ system is designed to be highly efficient, but it still requires energy to extract the water from air. Under design conditions, the WF5 unit produces 19 liters of water per day, and the average cost is about US$ 0.03 per liter of water, depending on local electricity rates. The AQC and the AQM series are even more economical than this. To be independent of grid power, custom WaterFinder™ units can operate on gasoline, natural gas or diesel fuel. Solar-powered units will be introduced in the near future.

Is the water’s safety guaranteed?

Excel guaranties the safety and purity of the water that is delivered to the internal storage tank as long as the unit is operated as specified in the end-user manual.

Does the water from WaterFinder™ contain minerals?

The water produced by WaterFinder™ is essentially mineral-free. It meets the requirements for distilled water (again, assuming the unit is operated as specified) and is safe for human consumption. In the near future, WaterFinder™ water filters that contain dissolvable minerals will be introduced.

What makes WaterFinder™ better than other water-producing systems?

While most other systems require a traditional water source, WaterFinder™ does not. The highly efficient method of extracting water from the surrounding air is unique.

How readily available are parts?

Frequently used maintenance parts (air and water filters) can be shipped within 24 hours, other spare parts can be shipped within 3 days. However, we require that each country or regional distributor to have a minimum level of inventory for those parts in his possession.

What guarantees are given with respect to water production capacity as you claim in your presentation?
The water generation capacity is guaranteed for the design conditions. For all other conditions, it is guaranteed that the unit performs as described in the manual.

What guarantees are given for power consumption?
It is guaranteed that the WaterFinder™ unit performs in terms of power consumption, energy efficiency and all other parameters as specified in the manual for the respective range of operating conditions.

Does the cost of power effect the cost-per-liter generated by WaterFinder™?
Yes, the cost of power does affect the cost per liter of water produced. To be independent of grid power, WaterFinder™ offers units that operate on gasoline, natural gas or diesel fuel. Also, we will be introducing the solar powered units in the near future.

What makes
WaterFinder™ better than the other systems in the market?
The specific, high-energy efficiency design, and the unique approach of extracting water from the surrounding air, provides very unique capabilities. While most other systems require that water (although in the form of sea water or polluted water) is available, WaterFinder™ even produces water with out having a water source available.

How does the capacity vary with variation in relative humidity?

The more humid the surrounding air, the better the unit performs.

What other conditions that affect the productivity of WaterFinder™?
The humidity content of the surrounding air is the most important factor that determines the productivity of the WaterFinder™ unit. However, for the AS series, temperature also limits the range. When the temperature drops below 18°C the water production ceases to be effective and above 40°C the unit can be overloaded. Excel is working on further extending the temperature and humidity ranges. As for the ASM series the working parameters are much wider.

What is the purpose of the air filters?

Air contains many particulates and dust. It is the purpose of the air filter to keep the interior components of the WaterFinder™ unit clean and dust free. At the same time, the air filter ensures that no particulates contained in air migrate into the water. We also offer filters that removes gases from the air before entering the WaterFinder™ unit.

What is the lowest humidity ratio needed?
For reasonable operation of the unit it is recommended that the humidity ratio should not drop below 0.08 kg moisture per kg of dry air.