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AS5 Series:
Model WF5110 (115 Volts/ 60 Hertz)
Model WF5220 (220 Volts/ 50 Hertz)

Production Levels

Specifications & Parameters
Psychometric Chart
WaterFinder vs. Bottled Water
Recovery Costs vs. Evian

Production Levels (liters/day)

The AS5 Models supply 19 liters (5 U.S. gallons) pure water per day.

Dry Air Temp (C)










16 Frost Frost Frost Frost Frost Frost Frost Frost Frost Frost
18 Low Low Low Low 7 17 22 27 30
20 Low Low Low Low 9 16 21 25 30 33
22 Low Low Low Low 14 22 24 29 33 36
24 Low Low Low 9 16 22 27 32 36 40
26 Low Low Low 12 18 24 30 35 39 43
28 Low Low Low 14 21 27 32 38 43 46
30 Low Low 8 16 23 29 35 39 44 48
32 Low Low 8 18 25 31 37 42 47 42
34 Low Low 11 19 27 33 39 45 Cycling Cycling
36 Low Low 12 22 29 36 41 Cycling Cycling Cycling
38 Low Low 13 22 30 37 Cycling Cycling Cycling Cycling
40 Low Low 14 23 31 Cycling Cycling Cycling Cycling Cycling
42 Low Low 15 24 Cycling Cycling Cycling Cycling Cycling Cycling
44 Cycling Cycling Cycling Cycling Cycling Cycling Cycling Cycling Cycling Cycling

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AS5 Series - Specifications & Parameters

Origin United States of America
Water Production Rate 19 litres per day (5 U.S. gallons)
Electrical Consumption 0.8 kwh/ltr (3 kwh/gallon)
Unit Dimensions Height 667 mm x Width 394 mm x Depth 469 mm
Unit Net Weight 22.7kg (50 pounds)
Electrical WF5110 model: 115 Volts/60 Hertz WF5220 model: 220 Volts/50 Hertz
Water Tank Capacity 7.5 litres (2 U.S. gallons)
Unit Construction Molded plastic front; color-matched sheet metal back
Unit Color Neutral light cream/color-matched plastic and sheet metal
Air Intake Fan Adjustable variable speed fan with high/low settings
De-icer Automatic de-icer
Water Filter Activated granular carbon, particulate & contaminant removal
Air Filter High-quality particulate removal
Automatic Shutoff Unit shutoff; Tank-full shutoff; No tank shutoff; Faulty tank shutoff
Full/Adjust Tank Indicator Light Indicator on control panel illuminates when tank is full
Side Water Drain Continuous drain of water into alternate tank
Water Tank Construction High-density plastic/front loading/recessed carrying handles
Power Cord 2m 2m (6 foot)/three-prong/insulated
Operational Life 7 years
Refrigeration Circuits per Unit 1
Compressor Type Hermetic
Number of Compressors 1
Design Temperature Max. Operating conditions 100°F drybulb with 74.80°F wetbulb
Min. Operating conditions 50°F
Design Inlet Air Relative Humidity 50%
Air Flow Speed 50 hz: high speed 186 CFM low speed 178 CFM
60 hz: high speed 220 CFM low speed 186 CFM
Air Filter Excel part number AF215
Water Filter Excel part number WF215
Refrigerant R22

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AS5 Series - Psychometric Chart

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WaterFinder™ System vs. Bottled Water

WaterFinder™ Water System Bottled Water
WaterFinder™’s water is more refreshing because water is produced when you need it Bottled water is processed days, weeks or even months before you start drinking it
WaterFinder™ water is delicious tasting, chemical free and odor free Bottled water sometimes tastes musty or stale and includes some chemicals for preservation
The WaterFinder™ unit is conveniently located in the location of your choice Bottled water units must be located near unused bottle storage to avoid excess strain when transporting the heavy bottles
The WaterFinder™ drinking system requires no storage space for bottles Bottled water requires valuable storage space for both full and empty bottles
There is no physical effort or strain when using the WaterFinder™ water system Bottled water requires the strain of changing the 5 gallon bottles, which may cause injury
The WaterFinder™ water system provides an uncontaminated chemical free continuous supply of delicious water at your fingertips Bottled water can be purchased in set sizes and set limits causing consumers to ration the use of bottled water
WaterFinder™ water is healthy, it is laboratory tested and is free of any contaminants The bottled water industry is not regulated by any specific standards or requirements
The WaterFinder™ water system needs no water source Bottled water uses existing water sources which may be contaminated, and chemicals must be added to remove any contaminants

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Recovery Costs vs. Evian

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